07 March 2011

Jo Nesbø, Inspector Harry Hole and the 'Oslo Trilogy'

I'm guessing that most U.S. readers either don't know Jo Nesbø, the bestselling Norwegian crime novelist, or have taken note of him only recently in their quest for something to read after they've finished Stieg Larsson. The story is somewhat different in the U.K., where the six Harry Hole novels that have been translated into English all figure prominently on the Kindle bestseller list. U.S. rights to forthcoming Hole novels recently went to Knopf, who will be giving a big launch to Nesbø's The Snowman in May, and I predict that Nesbø's U.S. visibility 'problem' will then be a thing of the past. I'll blog more about Nesbø, whom I greatly admire, between now and then; today I'll do my bit to make him slightly more visible by posting links to the Kindle editions of the three Hole novels available now in the U.S.: The Redbreast, Nemesis and The Devil's Star. They form a trilogy of sorts, and it would be a shame not to read them in order. How do they stack up against that other trilogy? I predict that all you'll miss is a female character as powerful as Lisbeth Salander. Everything else is there, and then some.

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