31 October 2010

Monetization, Schmonetization: From Jascha to Jascha

Most of the links on this page will bring me a small commission, and sometimes a royalty to boot, if you take them and end up making a purchase. The exception to the commission principle is any link to iTunes, including the iBookstore: those referrals are freebies, unless you end up buying A Kiss Before You Leave Me itself there. But, instead of sending you where you'd pay full price for my favorite set of recordings by my favorite performer, I'm recommending iTunes (where the price is so much better, at least until they come to their senses: US$9.99 for the equivalent of a 6-CD set) as a purveyor of the Icon collection of the best of Jascha Heifetz on EMI. Yes, it's all in mono, and yes, the average recording here is almost 75 years old. But, if you haven't sampled them, at least do that much. And this may help: a more readable list of the contents of the set, naming (composers') names and such.

[Added 11 August 2011: Full disclosure: I am now a member of the iTunes/iBooks/... affiliates program. New links to iTunes products will reflect this, and some older links will be updated. Otherwise, advertising policies remain unchanged. There are worse things than a little monetization.]

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