13 April 2011

Steven Pressfield: An Offer Too Good to Pass Up

As the author of the novel Gates of Fire, Steven Pressfield has long inspired the sort of readerly enthusiasm otherwise reserved for those other chroniclers of Thermopylae, Herodotus and Frank Miller. But to 'creatives', and especially at least occasionally 'blocked creatives', he's another kind of hero: his book The War of Art: Winning the Inner Creative Battle helps writers, artists--and all of us who have trouble embracing whatever unique contributions we can make--understand and cope with Resistance. (If you usually shy away from 'self-help' books, Pressfield may be the writer to change your mind.)

Pressfield's follow-up to The War of Art is an Amazon exclusive due out a week from today--but you can reserve a free digital copy for your Kindle if you act now. The new book is called Do the Work.

Take the link, check it out, pre-order, read.

Then do the work.

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