22 July 2011

Thank You, Red Haircrow

It's nice, of course, to get raves, 4- and 5-star reviews, pats on the back. But it means even more to be read by someone who 'really gets' you, who reads with generosity, empathy and understanding.

I've been blessed with many such readers, but each new one is a surprise so intense as to be downright disconcerting. And I'm old-fashioned enough to be particularly surprised when these extraordinary readers weigh in over the Internet (like this one at Amazon a few weeks ago).

It was just this morning that Red Haircrow filed the latest review of A Kiss Before You Leave Me, at the blog Flying with Red Haircrow, which you'll also find (and not just starting today!) in the blog roll in the right-hand column. Red Haircrow is a blogger who deserves to be even better known and may well be the reader we're all looking for.

Thank you, Red Haircrow.

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