28 September 2011

Kindle: If You've Been Waiting, the Wait Is Over

This morning Amazon has announced a dramatically extended line of Kindles. Now you can have the features you want, leave out what you want to leave out, and pay an unbeatable price.

In retrospect it seems to me that we've all been paying too much attention to speculation about this rumor or that, this model or that. What we've all known all along is that getting the price of a new Kindle down into the double digits for the US market would mean an historic tipping point for the ebook revolution. It happened this morning.

These new Kindles start at $79. True, with that price the buyer agrees to receive onscreen notifications of 'special offers'... and to do without a (physical) keyboard. But there are other options as low as $99. And... oh, yes... that tablet we've all been waiting for, which will set us back all of $199.

The news is good. Start learning more at Amazon.com. Or at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de--making sure to go to the £89 or €99 model's product page for a complete comparison of all the Kindles available.

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