03 October 2011

Thank You, J.A. Beard, for 'Art, Obsession and Betrayal'--and More

Today I have the pleasure of thanking author, blogger and reviewer J.A. Beard for 'Art, Obsession and Betrayal', his in-depth review of my novel A Kiss Before You Leave Me for the blog My Indie, My Tea and Me.

J.A. Beard is a highly perceptive and insightful reader--and I say this not only because he's been kind to A Kiss Before You Leave Me. Regular readers of Jascha Writes have heard enough from me about Kiss, at least for the moment. Please join me in linking to J.A. Beard's review of Kiss and benefiting from his take on the book. (To sample from his other recent writing online, you might want to start with this post on Lady Murasaki and The Tale of Genji, or with any of the Beard links above.)

Beard is part of a growing number of writers, reviewers, bloggers, editors and scholars who go to work every day on behalf of independent writing and publishing. Yes, indie is going through the roof. We can thank J.A. Beard, and people like him, for that, too. And we--you--can join them.

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J.A. Beard said...

Thank you for your kind words.