21 September 2010

Balzac Would Approve (Almost)

My idea of the perfect morning brew: a (short) latte made with 1+ ounce (30 - 40 ml.) of brewed espresso and 2 ounces (60 ml.) of heated (not boiled) whole milk, sweetened with a single packet of Sugar in the Raw (optional). Recommended methods for brewing espresso: (a) a Nespresso coffee maker, using a capsule of 'Ristretto'; (b) a 'moka' espresso maker, using illy beans you grind yourself. Of course, if you're happy with what you're drinking now, stick with it. But, if you're at the mercy of chain baristas and not pleased with it, give this short latte a try. (I just thought it was too good to wait any longer to share it.)

And what does it have to do with writing in general and Balzac in particular? I'll 'connect it up' another day.... And, yet another day, the 'skinny' on one of my friends' faves, using a Nespresso frother and skim milk....

1 comment:

Jim Carpenter said...

I'm ready for the frother! Would be nice to have a cappuccino while reading about Miranda.