11 September 2010

"A Kiss Before You Leave Me" Available on Kindle Now

My novel "A Kiss Before You Leave Me" is now available for Kindle in the US and UK Kindle stores online.

Because the "jacket blurb" currently appears only at the UK site, here's what the rest of the world is missing:
"Three master manipulators--and a woman in love--clash in the worlds of surveillance, voyeurism, and art.
"Miranda Kincaid used liquor and other men to flee the control of her husband Vince and his mother Kathleen. Now divorced, sober, and man-free, she's putting her life back together. Vince, now her friend, wants her back--and his mother will stop at nothing to keep them apart. Kathleen's secret weapon? A new man: a seductive, married misfit, a once and future painter with demons of his own--and his own plans for Miranda.
"Equal parts moral tale and 'guilty pleasure,' A Kiss Before You Leave Me is plotted like a thriller, but its most memorable violence is emotional--and all the more disturbing because it's done in the name of love."

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