18 September 2010

Unforeseen Convergences

It's Saturday morning, first light, and my body is still processing last night's gator tail appetizer, sour-orange-and-chocolate pie, and everything in between. Unforeseen convergences: when we got married a month ago today, we never would have thought that putting our names together into a search engine would turn up, as the first hit, a Kiss Before You Leave Me page at a site devoted to e-books for Sony Reader. (We've always been a Kindle household. But, since my last post, Kiss has become available at Smashwords in all the non-Kindle e-book formats.) There's even an adult-content warning (so marriage doesn't mean the end of raciness--what a relief!) before you get the first 29 pages of the book and a link to more.... And here's one more convergence: today's the one-month anniversary of our wedding and the one-week anniversary of Kiss for Kindle. Can you blame me for celebrating a little?


Holly Probably said...

Happy 1 Month! =)

James Hulbert said...

Thank you! It's a great time! Hope all is well with you, too!

Anne said...

What a happy celebration yesterday!